$10.99 - $17.99

Beauty Bundles

Beauty Bundles

All Bundles Include:
-A Butterfly πŸ¦‹ Anklet! {COLORS VARY}
-A Scrunchie! {COLORS VARY}

- Aloe There, Beauty Bundle; 🌱
Aloe Cuticle Oil
Aloe Natural Lip Oil

- Cherry Bomb Bundle; πŸ’
Cherry Fruit Burst
Cherry 90's Rollie

-Glossy Clear Bundle; 🍭 {Shown In Picture}
So Plumped Clear Gloss
Cherimoya Max Clear Gloss
Natural Lip Oil

-Grape Greatness Bundle; πŸ‡
Grape Fruit Burst
Grape 90's Rollie
Purple Reign Gloss

-Mint To Be Bundle; 🍬
Peppermint Cuticle Oil
Magic Lip Oil

-Mysterious Mix Bundle; 🎁
A Bundle Full of Surprises! (Mix & Match)

-No Way, Rosé Bundle; 🌹
Rose Cuticle Oil
Luxury Gloss (Select Tube/Wand)

-Peach Please Bundle; πŸ‘
Peach Fruit Burst
Peach Max Gloss
Peach Natural Sugar Lip Scrub

-Strawberry Delight Bundle; πŸ“
Strawberry Fruit Burst
Strawberry 90's Rollie
Strawberry Max Gloss

-Watermelon Candied Bundle; πŸ‰
Watermelon Fruit Burst
Watermelon 90's Rollie
Magic Lip Oil

*Read Ingredients Page for the Ingredients List*